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Valorant Agent 14 will be a Duelist


Valorant fans got another message from the dev group today, and this time it was from the group behind making the Agents. By and by, they give us a sneak look about the fate of Valorant, explicitly about the forthcoming Agent 14.

This is what the dev group needed to state, alongside what we found out about the impending Agent.

Specialist 14 will be a duelist

The one significant spoiler that stood apart was the place where they said “we’ll kick off the new year with a duelist (with an extraordinary commitment to the game’s stalkers).” This is obvious that the following Agent will be another duelist.

There are as of now four duelists in the game: Jett, Pheonix, Reyna, and Raze. The duelist class means to be forceful and take one on one battles with rivals. As their group name recommends, their capacities assist them with dominating dueling.

Up until this point, we presume that Agent 14 will have some type of secrecy capacity. We previously observed what could be an Easter egg of the Agent wandering on Icebox while imperceptible. Uproar further affirms this hypothesis with their remark about stalkers.

As a duelist, we can expect that Agent 14 will have battle capacities alongside his covertness. Every duelist has a special method of winning exchanges. Flatten makes them harm explosives, Jett has the versatility to help her position, Reyna has her visually impaired and support, and Pheonix has his blinds and utility.

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Covertness appears to be something that is unavoidable in a shooter with various characters. Both Overwatch and Apex Legends have alternatives for secrecy, and it would seem that Valorant will get its own choice soon. Ideally, it won’t be excessively harsh!

We can hope to see Agent 14 at some point in mid-January when the following Episode and Act formally start. Up to that point, remain tuned for more news and data about changes going to the game!

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