Valorant free skins generator – GET Unlimited Valorant Points


You guys do appreciate your boy actually spending the time and making this video for you and you guys appreciate my boy james if you could just go down, and say thank you to james that would be great he will be very happy now.

starting off with this glitch the first and the most important thing you guys need to do is you need to go ahead and load into valerian by the way this does work on pc, so don’t worry and also it doesn’t have anything to do with mods so you won’t have to install any hacks mods none of that you won’t have to install anything on your computer just follow what i do in the gameplay now.

once you guys have loaded inside of valrant if you guys are logging in for the first time of the day,  i highly recommend you guys play one game, before you decide to do this glitch the reason i recommend you guys play one game is if you guys haven’t noticed it when you do play a game the second game you get into you tend to go into the game a little bit quicker meaning the servers notice that you have played the game.

Today and that’s what you want so make sure you don’t do this glitch straight away as it is not going to work now once you have played one game and you’re back in the lobby you need to go ahead, and make your way to the store and select the skin that you guys want to get for free.

now your item shop might look a little different because i must have recorded the video you might be watching at a different time don’t worry the glitch is still going to work for you.

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